Woodsman Strongman Freestanding Multi Fuel Burner including 4.2m HEATSAVER FLUE SYSTEM

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Woodsman Strongman Multi Fuel Fire

Rustic yet stylish, the Strongman multi-fuel fire will create a cosy atmosphere in your home by radiating warmth on the coldest winters night.

With a huge output of 26 kW, the Strongman is a serious performer, perfect for heating large rooms and open plan living areas. Its large cooktop allows you to boil a kettle or even cook a pot of soup, a great option if you want to save on electricity. The optional high performance wetback is another great way to reduce your power usage by connecting it to your hot water cylinder. Convection side panels are available to reduce side clearances if required.

The Strongman is the multi-fuel for you if you’re after some serious heat.

FUEL TYPE: Multi-Fuel (wood and coal)



  • 26 kW
  • Large firebox
  • Cast iron door
  • Painted metallic black finish
  • 6mm plate steel firebox with cast iron grate
  • Excluded from NES Clean Air requirements must be outside clean air zone and greater than two hectares. Ok if located west coast South Island areas but check with local council before making purchase if can be consented at your property.
  • 10 year warranty

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